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Needle is an authentic vinyl sound effect that uses physical simulation. Needle doesn't just slap on a sample of vinyl crackle, but instead makes a virtual groove of your signal and tracks it like a real needle on a record player with procedurally generated dust.

Needle lets you control the quality of the needle and the record to dial in the perfect type of sound for your material. You can remove all the dust from the record and use Needle as a subtle exciter, or completely destroy everything with badly worn needle, horribly set up tonearm and a warped, skipping record, or anything in between.

Audio examples

Vocal house intro (Needle'd)
Vocal house intro (dry)
Scratch going across a 33 RPM record (Needle'd)
Scratch going across a 33 RPM record (dry)
Worsening needle quality

Rack Extension

Rack Extension for Reason 10.1+ in the Reason Shop.
The Rack Extension is fully functional as a 30-day trial.


Needle Rack Extension User Manual